Jolly Rancher Slushie Syrups - Uncarbonated

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Jolly Rancher Slushie Mix (Uncarbonated)
(Order 6 or more to get better discount on price and Shipping)
  • This product prodvides premium "Jolly Rancher" candy taste profile which brings back their childhood memories. 
  • Very easty to use - mix 1 bottle of mix with 2.5 gallon of water in our mixing jugs. 
Details :
  • Each case contains 6 bottles containing 0.5 gallon of syrup.   
  • Each bottle makes 3 gallon of premium Candy flavored slushy mix.
  • Each case makes about 160 - 16 oz cups. 
  • Can be used in any kind of slushy machine 
  • Dissolved quickly in cold water
Mixing Instructions (Frozen Drink Machines)
  • Mix 1 bottle of syrup wioth 2.5 gallon of cold water and shake it to ensure proper mixing.
  • Pour mix into the slushy machine bowl.
  • You can also keep the mix in a cooler to make it cold. This will reduce the overall freezing time in the machine.
Mixing Instructions (Home use)
  • Mix 4 to 5 tbsp of slushie mix, 12 oz ice and 4 oz cold water in a blender.
  • Blend it untill the desired textured achieved.
  • Pour it in 16 oz cups and serve it to the guest
  • You may add alcohol in blender to make it more interesting !!