14 oz - Jolly Rancher Branded Clear Plastic Cups

Price: $84.00

Jolly Rancher Clear Plastic Cups 14 oz.

In order to provide our customers with a full line of products, we now offer cups and lids.  Each cup is made of clear plastic in order to show off the attractive product inside.  As one customer walks away carrying a colorful soft-serve, shake, slush, or FCB serving, immediate intrigue is created in the minds of all who see.  If you use the multi-flavor function available in our machines, the layering affect really produces awe in the eye of the beholder.  


  • It contains 14 oz cups (1000 pcs) per case. This does not include lids so don't forget to order lids. 
  • Use this Clear Plastic Cups for your refreshing Jolly Rancher Frozen Beverages to get a consistent look and feel for your program.
  • It is our experience that these clear cups when filled with multi-color syrup, attracts more customers impulsively.